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Flaxseed Gel


Flaxseeds which is also known as linseed is an annual plant found in India and the Mediterranean. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and a whole lot of rich nutrients that does the body good and it can also be made into gel for hair, especially curly textured hair. Because natural tends to be curly or coily gels are sometimes used to tame the edges and keep hair styles in place, however finding a gel that will do this and not be flaky or dry out the hair can be a little bit of a  challenge, that been said I have recently been introduced to flaxseed gel and I actually like it so I went ahead and got my flaxseed to make my own gel. And I got the flaxseed from ebay.

  Flaxseed Gel (my way)

  • I measured a cup of flaxseeds into a cooking pan and added 3 cups of water (Will add more next time, and soak overnight for a better result)
  • Put it on a medium heat and stir, stir, stir.
  • You will notice the water getting thicker, keep stirring until it gets to the consistency you want.
  • Then use a sieve or panty holes to get the gel out. I used my old but clean panty holes although thinking about it right now using  a sieve might have been a better option because pressing the seeds down with a spoon seems easier to using a kitchen tong to press on the panty holes and getting gel everywhere, anyway you get the picture.
  • For added benefit add oils and essential oil if you want other your gel is ready and you can even reuse your seeds. I used argan oil and cedarwood essential oil.

Flaxseeds gel is not only cheaper to make but it is also a healthier option for hair, allows your curls to pop!, hair is softer, helps with growth and you can even eat it by adding to your baking and cereal.



This is my slimy,gooey gel, I just washed out an old body scrub container to put it in and I kept it in the fridge. I don’t know how long this will be good for but I figured two to three weeks because I added vitamin E. But always keep in the fridge and throw out when you notice any unwanted smell or it starts to look kinda funny.

For more information click the links below.



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