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Vitamin Surge Facial Serum

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is no doubt the most important thing in skin care,That been said tropical treatment is also very important and one thing I have realized as I got older is that my skin is not as forgiving as it once was  I.e. spots don’t just fade within days oh no they come and stay for months! in fact I went through a really bad period after my son was born. My face became very angry! I mean big bad pimples, spots and rashes all over my face, it was really bad, although my face is still far from  perfect, at least I have it under a little bit of control and one thing that has helped me aside from having a regimen and sticking to it is the use of a good moisturizer and serum.

Serum is a  skin care products with  high level of active and potent skin nutrients  for example vitamin C (for helping in reducing the appearance of spots and hyper pigmentation), or D-panthenol ( vitamin B5 that helps to repair skin and lock in moisture into the skin surface). The active ingredients are very concentrated and so they tend to be more effective and you see results faster. A serum will sink deeper into the skin to reach where ordinary moisturizer cannot reach. Typically, serum is  used under a moisturizer allowing the moisturizer to sink in better to the skin and when used alone it  can make the skin appear a little bit dry. Although a serum is very good and beneficial to the skin it can cost a fortune too, so since I had an advantage of taking some classes on skin care I have been able to come up with my own recipe, for non-aqueous serum which means no water is added and no need for preservatives.

The oils







The recipe

Olive Squalane 24g (A natural anti-oxidant with vitamin E and anti-aging ingredient that penetrates the skin. It can be used alone on the skin.)

Goji Berry 6g (It is a very potent plant extracts that contains over 18 amino acids with vitamins and minerals. it is also anti aging and anti oxidant and helps maintains a soft smooth and youthful looking skin.)

Cyclomethicone 10g (This is a very light silicone that is able to penetrate the skin effectively without clogging it and gives the skin a smooth looking appearance.)

Evening Primrose Oil 4g (It is an anti wrinkle and cell regeneration oil, it is also anti inflammatory and helps in treating dry skin, eczema and chapped areas of the skin. Also absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any residue behind.)

Meadow-foam Oil 2g (It prevents the loss of water in the skin so it is a good moisturizing oil.)

Rosehip Oil 4g (It is rich in vitamins A and C, also very useful in the reduction of scars,stretch marks and premature aging. It heals, hydrates and rejuvenate the skin.)


This will make a 50g serum after mixing and blending, pour in an airless pump bottle or a dark glass bottle and keep in a cool dry place. Please note that there are a million oils out there so you have the choice to mix and match, and like I always say, I am not a skin care expert infact far from that what I am is an enthusiast I love searching for alternative and more affordable ways to do things including skin care and I do a lot of research so do your research and make informed decisions.

Thank you!

for more information on face serums click the link below:




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