My Natural Hair
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Natural Hair Serum – For Strength, Length and Body.

The Herbal Healing Mama

This all natural / herbal hair serum / mask is packed full of beneficial ingredients to promote hair growth, thicken and strengthen your locks as well as heal any scalp or dry/ damage issues.

I’ve been meaning to put up some posts on hair care for a while, but seeing as most of my hair is in dreadlocks, it’s hard for me to test these products before posting. What I’ve done is unlocked more of my bangs so I can truly test out this wonderfully nourishing recipe, before sharing it here with you.

(I will also post some hair treatments for dreadlocks soon as well – if that’s of interest to anyone?) 

I’ve included a list at the bottom of this post as to which ingredients contain what benefits. 

DIY - All Natural - Hair Serum -

**The following ingredient amounts are for a 550 ml container. You can cut amounts in half for smaller container. **

What You’ll Need:

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I am a wife, mum and I live in the UK. A graduate of Business Information Systems, obsessed with my Afro hair, making jewellery, oils, creams, lotions and i just started making my own soap. And yes that is exactly what i will be blogging about. Thank you!

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