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Solid Perfume

I made a purchase online a while back and I was sent a free anti-stress natural perfume, that had a really subtle kind of fruity scent to it and very relaxing I have to say. Anyway that got me thinking about natural perfume basically and my curiosity lead me to a totally new discovery of solid perfumes which contains just beeswax, natural carrier oils and essential oils. I know lush has some amazing ones but I wanted to make my own as usual and the satisfaction of having control over what I want to put in it.

It very simple, unbelievably quick and you have amazing perfumes at the end.

What You Will Need

Beeswax (1 part)

Carrier Oil : Almond Oil (1 part)

Essential Oil : Citronella, Vanilla and Rose. (45-50 drops),any essential oil blend will do or even a single one depending on personal preference

Tin cans or Tubes Containers


How To

Melt the beeswax and add the carrier oil allow to cool down just a bit before adding the essential oil/oils of your choice so that the heat will not burn off the scent of the essential oil. After all the ingredients has been mixed, pour and let it solidify and your perfume is ready to use.


I realized later that this perfume becomes rock solid which makes it a bit awkward to use in this containers so I will suggest using a tube container that rolls out.


I used half a cup of beeswax and half a cup of almond oil for the 200ml heart-shaped container and the same measurements for 10 15ml round containers.


I have pretty gold vintage locket and decided to use it as a container as well, makes it look interesting or what do you think?. Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you!.

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I am a wife, mum and I live in the UK. A graduate of Business Information Systems, obsessed with my Afro hair, making jewellery, oils, creams, lotions and i just started making my own soap. And yes that is exactly what i will be blogging about. Thank you!

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