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Whipped Oat Milk Body Cream

I make a lot of body butters and I love them, because they work really well for skin especially during winter. Applying it over damp skin helps my skin lock and seal in the moisture from water and that results in a softer, smoother feel, though it gets a bit much for me doing it everytime. Usually I make creams & lotion for myself, son and family. I’ve taken classes, I’ve read a lot of books online and off and I still do, I’ve tried out a bunch of recipes and formulated a lot of recipes as well, and  just tying to figure out exactly what ingredients I like and what actually works for my skin. It’s always very interesting to see what works and what doesn’t and just learning about how oils/butters/liquids all work together to make creams/lotions.

I formulated this recipe for my skin(dry skin). I wanted something very rich, thick but feels light, hence the whipping and something I can just use on a clean dry skin. I have to tell you this whipped  cream turned out AMAZING!. It sinks in without any tacky feeling and my skin is left feeling soft, hydrated and very well moisturised all at once. This Recipe has a reduced liquid/water content of  50% and 17% solid butter(Shea butter) hence the thick, fluffy texture. I added D-Panthenol which is also known as vitamin B5. It is a water-soluble vitamin that works as a humectant, helps in increasing the water content of the skin which leads to elasticity. It also has anti-aging properties, soothes, softens and moisturisies the skin. It promotes new skin cell regeneration allowing for a fresh, plump and smooth skin.

The Recipe

Light Oats Milk (300g)

Organic Shea Butter (102g)

Blend Of Avocado+Olive Squalane+Geranium+Papaya+Evening Primrose Oil (34g)

Wheatgerm Oil (103g)

Vitamin E Oil (6g)

D-Panthenol- optional (0.6ml)

Emulsifying wax (36g)

Stearic Acid (12g)

600grams Jar

Heat Resistant Glass Bowls

Whisk/Frother/Hand Blender

Hand Mixer


Making My Oats Milk

This is a personal method of making the oats milk, I don’t know if it’s the right way or not but this works for me. I soak a cup of oats in 3 cups of distilled water overnight, then I run it through a blender after which I pass it through a cheese cloth twice and I use it. This makes a very thick rich cream that I use for soap making.

The second method- I add the oats to distilled water directly, I let it steep for a few minutes to get the water cloudy, then I pass it through a cheese cloth. This makes a very light milk.

The Process

Measure out all the ingredients. It makes for an organised/less messy work space.


Combine all the solid and liquid oils with the emulsifying wax and the stearic acid in a heat-resistant jar or bowl and melt in either a double boiler or microwave.

Heat the water phase in a double boiler or microwave. And add the D-Panthenol. If you are using glycerine, you can add it now or after the lotion has cooled down.

Both the oil and water phase should be at the same range of temperature (75-80 C).

In a steady steam, pour the oil phase into the water phase( I actually did it the other way round as in water into oil and my cream turned out perfect) and continue to mix/stir with a spoon/balloon whisk/milk frother or stick blender until the temperature has cool down, because of the preservative which is very much-needed due to the water content, add your vitamin E and preservative. This is the stage where you’ll pour in a bottle if it was a lotion, however since this is a thick rich cream, you should leave it out to cool down or put it in the fridge. The cream will become thicker. Whip it with hand mixer  for about 4 to 5 minutes. And scoop in jars/jar of your choice. After whipping I suggest you don’t cover it immediately, just leave it out overnight or a few hours  if you can for any excess water/liquid to evaporate.

I use the cream after my bath/shower. And also at night before bed.

Sometimes the cream/lotion might want to separate, just use an immersion blender(stick blender) to mix it all together again and it should be okay.


This is a really thick, fluffy and light moisturising whipped body cream. It is incredibly soothing for dry skin and leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth to touch.



Thank you so much reading. Hope you’ll try this out and share your thoughts down below, don’t forget to subscribe, like and share what you like.

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