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Shea Deluxe Moisturizing Body Butter

Winter is almost here and while we are shopping for knitwear, coats and boots  lets not forget the damage the cold air brings with it especially if like me you have dry skin and scaly legs(just sometimes), then you will appreciate a good nourishing body butter. But instead of going out to buy, Why not make one yourself, not only will it be cheaper but you know exactly what is going into it and truth be told it’s so much fun.


Shea butter 218g

Coconut oil 42g

Almond oil 18g

Avocado oil 18g

Glycerine 13g

Blackcurrant oil 10g

Lavender essential oil 15 drops

Vitamin e 2g


I did not melt the Shea butter or the coconut oil, I just put it all together and whipped it with a hand mixer until soft and fluffy.


And that’s it! your  moisturizing body butter is ready to be used, you can just put in a container and since it does not contain water this will be okay to be kept in a cool dry place or fridge but if you are not comfortable with the glycerine, you could just ignore it and replace it with another oil. And if you are worried about it been too oily  add a little bit of cornstarch. All the oils and butter used are based on personal skin needs and simply because I love them and my measurements are mine and not based on any or butter:oil ratio calculation.


Like I always say I am not a skin care expert but an enthusiast,  all my content are based on research and a lot of trails and errors. So please do your research and make informed decision. And you can check out my shop at http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TLNATURAL for all natural skin and hair care products.

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