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Lavender Infused Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment is a way of deep conditioning the hair because it allows the oil or oils to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, preventing dryness and breakage. It also helps in treating scalp issues like dandruff and flakiness. Hair dryness is something every coily,curly, Afro textured hair person or persons will struggle with(including me) and this is so because the natural oil from the scalp that is supposed to travel to the tip of the hair to moisturize it, cannot do so due to the  coils and curls.

Hot oil treatment can be done by the use of one oil (olive oil), or a blend of oils with the addition of essential oils (olive oil and tea tree oil,peppermint,lemon grass etc), or a blend of multiple oils and essential oils. The application is a personal choice based on what you think your needs. If you don’t mind a little bit of oil  in your hair then you can do the treatment after washing,  however if you are not a fan of oily hair you may want to use as a pre shampoo treatment but either way hot oil treatment is best used on clean hair in my opinion, But if you are using as a pre shampoo treatment, I suggest you rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar to clarify and cleanse, this will allow the oil to work on a clean hair and penetrate the hair shaft.

Make Your Own Oil  Blend



Olive Oil: Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is filled with anti-oxidants and hydrating properties. It helps in restoring shine and moisture to dry damaged hair and it can be used alone as a pre-shampoo treatment or blend with other oils.

Castor Oil: This oil contains omega-6-fatty acids and vitamin e and these are really good stuffs for the general health of the hair. It is also very good for spit ends, promotes hair growth, and the anti-inflammatory properties keeps the scalp healthy.

Avocado Oil: It contains a high level of mono saturated fatty acids that is actually higher than olive oil. It strengthens hair and is a good scalp massage oil that gets the blood flowing leading to hair growth. It has a high smoking point level and so it a good heat protecting spray for hair especially for styling purposes.

Sweet Almond Oil: Contains vitamin A, B1, B2 and E. Promotes hair growth, penetrates the hair shaft  and keeps the scalp healthy.

Hemp Oil: Hemp oil is a source of protein for the hair. It improves the growth of hair and nourishes the hair to grow thicker and longer.

Lavender Essential Oil: I love the scent of lavender essential oil, it is good for all hair types  and it helps in growing back hair especially in problems areas like the hair-line when it is massage in and I find it very relaxing.

Dried Lavender Flower: This is also a personal thing, I infuse my hair oil with  dried lavender flower for a week before use, I don’t heat it up until I want to use it. This just intensifies the Lavender scent for me.

You don’t have to infuse for a week like I do, you can infuse by just heating your oil up with the dried flowers in a pan on a low a heat for 30mins or more and let it cool down a little bit, but you don’t want it too cold  or too hot, however it should be warm.  Also you may just want to store in a cool dry place after infusing for your everyday use, don’t forget to sieve the flowers out.

How To Use (my way)

  • Because my hair oil is infused with  dried lavender flowers, i sieve out the oil after heating it up in a double boiler or you can just put it up in the microwave.
  • I prefer doing hot oil treatment on clean hair so I wash my hair with a solid bar shampoo or cleanse my scalp with apple cider vinegar.
  • I section my hair into 4  parts because its easier for me that way, although my hair is not yet super long but it is thick and sectioning it makes it easier and faster.
  • I then coat it with the oil, wrap it up with a shower cap or bag and let it sit for a few minutes or even longer depending on how much  I have to spare.
  • I wash it out with warm water, if I feel my hair is too oily I use a conditioner to rinse it out. My hair always feels stronger and has more shine to it everytime I do this, and the smell of lavender is so relaxing. It also takes the place of deep conditioning because I like to deep condition my hair  anytime I use a shampoo so it’s either a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment.


So that is it!. All the information I have is  based on research,trials and errors. I am not an expert, so please do your research and make informed decision.

Thank you and get blending!

For more information on hair oils and hot oil treatments click on the link below





  1. Shakirat Gold-Olufadi says

    Thanks Tope…You’ve always had beautiful hair though so not sure people with ‘ herehere’ hair like mine will see any difference. Lool. Also getting all the materials in Nigeria here might be a bit difficult. Hope you’re good though? Love all your stuff by the way:-)

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