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Diy Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

This is a simple step by step on how to make a 3 strand pearl bracelet with a beautiful spacer brooch.

You will need:


Freshwater pearls or any kind of pearls you like.


A three strand jewellery spacer, this is a personal choice you can do this without the crystal spacer.

Three stand clasp

SAMSUNG CSCWire: For stringing the beads.

Crimp Beads: For securing the ends of the wire.

Pliers: For pressing the crimps to help secure the wire.

Cutter: For cutting off all the excess wires.

How to:

Lay out all your beads, clasp and spacer/brooch on your bead board just as you would like it to be, this is very good not only for visual purposes but to know if the design will work and locate where you want to attach your findings.

Measure the size of your wrist and cut the thread or beading wire of your choice but make sure you have  excess wire, it is better to have more and just cut off the excess than having less wire to work with.

Then loop the wire into the first hole of the clasp, make sure to keep the clasp closed in other to be able to connect to the correct hole on the other side, you don’t want a situation where you are connecting from the first hole to the third hole on the other side so keeping the clasp closed, It  is very important.

After looping, put in a crimp bead and press down with a flat nose pliers or a magic crimp pliers either on is good as long the wire is secured and don’t secure the crimp bead to tight to the hole allow a little space for the thread or wire to move around.

I used the magical crimping pliers and you learn how to use it here:


I like adding smaller beads to start the because it allows the clasp be more flexible and looks good too. Add your beads and if you are using a spacer, add it on as well when you get to the middle, (You should mark the middle of your wire before starting). I decided to add small sliver beads onto the spacer because the size of my beads will block off the next holes on the spacer and this will affect the whole design you may not need this if you are using smaller beads.


Repeat the steps until you are finished. Cut off all excess wires and your bracelet is done. Check here ( for a video on how to make 3 strands bracelet.


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