6 thoughts on “DIY CLEANSING BALM”

  1. Did not think I could ever make my own lip balm. This is especially interesting for this holiday season. I am sort of on a budget, being a grad student and I am looking into alternative, homemade gifts I could give my loved ones. Thank you for sharing your recipe!


  2. Hi. I am excited to try these balms! Quick question… which balm’s texture is “harder?” Or could you describe briefly the difference in texture between these two options.



    1. Hello,

      The mango butter cleansing balm is more smoother and thicker while the Shea butter cleansing balm is softer and just a bit grainy.

      However they are both very moisturising and very effective makeup remover.

      Thank you for stopping by! @pia.


  3. Hi!

    Could you briefly describe the difference in texture between these two options? I am looking for one that has a definite “balm” feeling and not a whipped butter texture.



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