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Rose, Vanilla & Milk Bath Anyone?

I was inspired to make this bath milk by a natural beauty book I’m currently reading, I’ve however modified the recipe to suit myself, except the cocoa butter and roses. I love roses and cocoa butter, infact almost all my diy bath stuff have one or the other including this skin softening bath milk. However aside the roses and cocoa butter, it has coconut milk which contains a natural protein that is good for the skin and goats’ milk which has alpha hydroxy acid that helps in removing dead skin cells and vitamin A which helps in skin repair and rejuvenation. Anytime I make this bath milk, I let it sit for a few days before using, this allows the vanilla scent become more intense (it’s like infusing herbs in oil, if you get the picture). I love to fill up bathtub with warm water, add as much as I want ( Be careful with the roses, you don’t want to mess up your drainage), soak in and relax for 20 to 30 minutes, then give myself a gentle …

Bath Luxury (Himalayan Bath Melts)

Bath melts are like lotion bars containing natural skin loving ingredients, however instead of rubbing it on the skin directly, it is popped into a bath water to release all the goodness which allows for a moisturizing and relaxing bath. This a really easy and fast recipe, it is moisturizing and detoxifying as well because of the pink Himalayan salt. Recipe Himalayan Pink Salt Shea Butter Cocoa Butter Castor Oil Lavender Essential Oil Rose Geranium Oil Mold How To Line your mold with the salt Measure out your ingredients Melt and mix in the oils Then pour and leave to cool Himalayan salt will detoxify and remove toxins from the body. I sprinkled more salt on top of the bath melts when it still a little soft to touch because I wanted the salt to stick on it. How To Use Fill up your bath with water and pop your bath melt into it. Get in and relax. Thank you!, and please let me know your thoughts by commenting down below.    

Moisturising Lotion Bars

Lotion bars are solid moisturizing oils and/or butter. They are made with natural oils, butters and waxes like Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, avocado oil, hemp oil, etc. Essential oils and fragrances can be added. It is typically stored in a room temperature or cooler i.e fridge and will melt when rubbed directly on the skin which makes it really convenient for dry patches on the skin or you can just rub it with your hands and apply to the area where it’s needed. Lotion bars will only be as good as the ingredient used  so it is very important to choose your oils and butters very carefully and according to your skin needs or if you are making it for someone you can ask for what the person wants because not everybody will want the sweet fruity or flowery smelling bars some people might prefer herbs like Calendula, Lavender, etc. You can have fun with it by using different moulds, colours and shapes. This is the recipe i used: Cocoa Butter (1 cup) Shea …