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Discovering Hemp Oil….and yes its my first blog post!

Hello! since this is my first blog post I thought I should write about something I’m really excited about and that is my Afro hair. I went natural a while back and discovering what my hair feels like again without chemicals is just a really good feeling for me. So without further ado, let me introduce you to an oil that has been making my hair really happy these days……..HEMP OIL.

Hemp oil is not the same as ‘marijuana’ although they are both referred to as ‘cannabis sativa L.’, they are scientifically different, the hemp oil does not contain the compound THC that gives the high in marijuana. It is a rich dark green oil with a very nutty and clean scent to it and gotten from the seed of hemp.

Hemp oil can be found as cold pressed ,unrefined and organic or  refined, it all depends on preference, however it should be noted that the lighter the hemp oil the less value and nutrients it has. Cold pressed unrefined hemp oil can be bought online at Ebay or amazon or at any health food store and it is the best form of the oil.

Hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and protein and so this makes it very good for skin and hair and even for consumption, however since I’ve started using this oil a month ago, I’ve not applied it on my skin nor eaten it, however I made a hair oil blend and hair moisturizer with it and let me tell you it’s  been amazing!. My Afro textured hair seems softer, fuller and more manageable  which is the most important thing to me anyway. My hair feels light and fluffy and my shedding has reduced a lot.


Hemp oil recipe

  • Hemp oil
  • Argan oil
  • castor oil

I did not measure the oils at all but the hemp oil was 3/4 of the blend and I just added bits of argan oil and castor oil. Hemp oil is 25% protein and since hair is 97% protein as well I figured that is  one of the main reason it works so well.Another vital component of hemp oil is that is contains omega 6 fatty acids which helps to nourish the hair to be thicker and stronger from the inside out. Hemp oil also is also Anti inflammatory and this is a good thing for the scalp because a healthy scalp will grow healthy hair.

Hair moisturizer recipe

  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Glycerin

I melted the shea butter in a double boiler and added the rest of the ingredients in it, it was not whipped at all, I  just mixed it all together and placed in a fridge to solidify, what I noticed about the hair moisturizer is that it seems a little light which is not an issue but I will definitely make it thicker the next time I make it by increasing the shea butter. SAMSUNG CSC


I use the oil after shampoo and conditioning and a leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture and the moisturizer to seal in all the moisture and oil for a softer and more manageable hair. You can also use the oil on dry hair to reduce frizz especially for a braid or twist out.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on hair or skin care, what I am is an enthusiast, all the information above are based on research and my own experience so before trying out anything please do your research and make an informed decision.

For more information on hemp oil click on the links below



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