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Long Necklaces

I have collected some pendants and brooches(vintage and new) over the years and recently I’ve been thinking of ways to put them to use. Then I watched some YouTube videos on ‘how to use metal hole punch pliers’ and that gave me the perfect solution to my brooches and pendants issues.


SAMSUNG CSC  This was a brooch that I punched with a jewellery punch  and added the chain with a jump ring, I then added some fresh water pearls.SAMSUNG CSC

This is one of my favorites of all time, I got this citrine quartz arrow-head from this shop: It is electroplate edged with 24k gold. I LOVE THIS!! so much.And it’s so easy to make into necklace, get your choice of chain/links  and attach to it. Then attach a clasp with a jump ring on one end and another on the other end to catch the lobster clasp.


I got this deer antler focal pendant from this shop It is 22k gold-plated on brass really unusual and unique. I split open two jump rings and attached it to my pendants and chain on both sides. You will have to cut your chain into two equal parts.

 Make your own long pendant chain.

You will need:

  • Jewellery Punch
  • Jewellery Cutter
  • Pliers
  • Pendant/Brooch
  • Jump Rings
  • Chain


SAMSUNG CSCDetermine the best place to punch your hole or holes in, with a little pressure on your punch handle press and make the hole. If you are using a pendant then you might not need to punch any holes expect you don’t like the placement of the hole that came with the pendant.

SAMSUNG CSC Measure the length of your chain by placing it on your neck and consider the pendant as well because if the length of the chain is too long, it may fall lower than you want and if it’s too short it may fall higher than the desired length. I got my chain here:


For sensitive skin  you can get all your lead and nickel free findings here:

Split open your jump rings open and insert the ends of your chain and pendant, then close it back gently. Click on the link to learn how to open and close a jump ring.

If your chain is soldered, use your cutter to break a link and insert your jump ring. I did not need the lobster clasp because the chain was long enough to wear over my head.




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