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Moisturising Cocoa Pop Lotion Bars

I wrote a blog on lotion bars a while back here (https://tlgemsandmixes.com/2014/11/11/lotion-bars/) and it is actually one of my favorite post till date because it is a flexible DIY in terms of colors and shapes  just like soaps or shampoo bars. I was looking to buy molds for more lotion bars and I came across some really cute lollipop molds so I decided to get a few and make some lotion bars. I used the same recipe I used here (https://tlgemsandmixes.com/2014/11/11/lotion-bars/), the only difference is the addition of gold glitters that I sprinkled on it to make it suitable for a light body glitter . I have to say this was so much more fun, simple and so cute.





Not only are this fun and they are actually amazing for the skin and really simple to make. However for the sake of practicality you can always remove the sticks. Try it out and leave me a comment down below.

Thank you!


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