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I was looking for a pair of stud earrings that I got a while back at a jewellery show, it is a beautiful pearl studs and I wanted to wear it because I was just going out to run some errands and I thought hmmm……. this is actually a basic thing to have in a wardrobe as in something (Jewellery) you can just pop on and go regardless if it is a pearl or not and that is basically what inspired this blog post. I love jewellery, love looking at them and buying them. Over the years I have been able to collect a few really good ones and not so good ones as well, also been able to make my own jewellery has been way to indulge myself, because it gives me the freedom to see something I like and just buy the materials to make it which works out cheaper most of the time but definitely not always. I don’t  however have a pile of jewels on, I tend to just keep it a simple. Below is a list of jewellery I think every woman should have in her wardrobe.


Statement necklaces are always a way to add your own personal touch to a plain outfit especially the infamous LBD. It basically gives life to an outfit and like the name suggests,it a way of a making a statement and getting people to notice you without saying a word. I always stick to a rule when I wear a statement necklace and that is the other jewellery or jewels are really toned down for a balanced look. That been said if you are the type that believes in ‘more is more’ then more it is then, because at the end of the day it always comes down to what you love to wear and how and that is what personal style is about.

Statement necklaces can be real diamonds, 21 carat gold or the rarest gems in the world or it could just be a beautiful gemstone beads or diamante necklaces. Whatever it is, having one is a great addition to any wardrobe.




I think I speak for almost every woman when I say this is a must to have especially if you work in a cooperate environment and you have a really busy lifestyle and you just want something simple and elegant or like me a stay at home mom with a toddler that will pull on your ears just to satisfy his or her curiosity. It does not necessarily have to be a diamond stud, although if you can afford it and you wear it every other day, investing in a diamond stud is not really a bad idea. That been said you can always get your self a pretty diamante or gold/ gold-plated  piece that will look as pretty. Personally, these are life savers because it keeps my ears safe from the little fingers.



Like statement necklaces, statement earrings have the same effect. It can be big studs which are a personal favorite or a big dangling ones in real gold/sliver plated or gold-plated/sliver-plated, antique gold/sliver, rose gold or vintage. And it is best worn when hair is gently pulled up or  back,because it frames the face beautifully.



I am obsessed with pearls maybe because they are my birthstone (June/Cancer) but either way I love them so much and I always want them as imperfect as possible as in I will always buy the baroque, keshi or biwa pearls over a round shaped pearls, I just want them a little flawed. They are really classy and chic and can be worn to give a touch of  sophistication. I think any grown woman should at least have either a pair of real pearl earrings or necklace in her wardrobe.


One way to check if your pearls are real or not aside from the amazing luster a natural pearl has is by gently rubbing together two pearls on the string or wire or knotted thread and it should produce a powdery substance, if not then it should definitely raise suspicions.



If you are not a fan of rings then bangles are the next best thing. They come in varieties of colors, shapes, materials and always make an outfit more interesting when styling. You can wear just one piece of big, bold bangle or stack them on by mixing different materials, shapes and sizes.





I think because I make jewellery, this is a type of necklaces and bracelets that I love making  a lot and wear. It is a really good way of personalizing a piece of jewellery i.e adding your favorite stone on a chain or even your birthstone or a sentimental brooch that belongs to someone you love. Also it is a great way of giving gifts to loved ones. You can wear it in a layered look if you are going for a trendy, fresh look or even wear a single long chain over an evening dress.



Statement rings are easy ways to switch from a day to night look. It provides an effortless transition from a simple look to edgy, fun and fresh look. If you also have a nail polish to show off then statement rings are the way to go.


That is it people, my list of must haves jewels, let me know your favorites and pieces you cannot live without by commenting down below.

Thank you!.


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