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Rose & Peppermint Lip Scrub

I have recently been able to get rid of a dry patch on my lips and its been there for years! due to constant lip biting (bad habit). I have been wearing bold red lips for a while now and this meant I needed to get rid of the dry patch because bold color or any color will look terrible with dry patchy lips and the quest for a not so patchy lips lead me to LIP SCRUBS.

Lip scrubs are basically like any other scrubs, its main purpose is to get rid of dry dead skin cells on the surface layer of either body, face or lips  with the use of coarse substances like sugar, salt, apricot, oatmeal etc and natural oils and butters or gels. And the result is always a fresh and softer skin.

I tried out two completely different recipes and they are both  simple, cheap, and all the ingredients are probably in your kitchen cupboard, they are definitely worth trying.




What You Will Need

White Sugar


Color (I used beetroot extract to get the dip pink color but you can use any colors like micas, etc.)

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Manuka Honey

Rose Mix Essential Oil


How To

  • Mix all the dry ingredients together, in this case it was my sugar and beetroot extract.
  • Add all the other oil and honey or whatever you are using. One thing to note is that the thickness of your scrub will depend on how you want it. I like my scrub to be a little thick and that’s why I always use honey because it gives me the consistency I want and it is also packed full of goodness.
  • Mix together and put it in an air tight container.


imageYour lip feels so soft, you feel a light tingle and the amazing thing is that it actually gives a really fresh minty breath which was a pleasant surprise.


What You Will Need

White Sugar

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Green Tea Extract ( For the green tint)



On a dry lips, take a little bit or like me a lot bit and rub it on the lips in a gentle circular motion for a few minutes and rinse off. Apply a moisturizer or a lip balm after use, I just use a vaseline.

I use it a night before wearing any  bold lips or just before jumping into the shower the same day or even if it was a spur of the moment decision I scrub my lips just before application.

Like the rose lip scrub, mix the oils and sugar and pour in your air tight container and that is it your lip scrub is ready to use.

I have to say that the rose lip scrub is my favorite and I think it’s because of the honey, Loved the consistency and the feel and my lips have never felt better!.

Thank you so much for reading, share and let me know your favorite by commenting below.




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