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Hair and Skin Coconut Cream Souffle

This creamy souffle is just a thoroughly whipped natural butters and oils, Its is light, fluffy nourishing and very moisturizing, something for the hair and skin. I wanted to make a moisturizer that is hassle free, all the ingredients are readily available, price friendly and that was light enough for the my skin during summer and just heavy enough to tame my mane. The oils and butter I used are suitable for both hair and skin.

My Recipe

Coconut Oil 250g

Cocoa Butter 50g

Shea butter 50g

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil 50g

Castor Oil 20g

Argan Oil 20g

Lavender Essential Oil

Vitamin E Oil (A few drops)

Hand Mixer

How To

Melt the cocoa butter, I melted mine in a microwave but you can use a double boiler. Pour the rest of the oils and butters  in a bowl or mixer and whip until you reach a consistency that you like, Pour into a jar or jars and your all over cream souffle is ready to be used.



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