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Rhassoul Clay Hair Wash

I’ve been using Rhassoul clay to wash and cleanse my scalp for a few years now, basically since I’ve been back to my natural hair and that’s a bit over 3 years. I can’t really remember what or who made me try it but I did and loved it! so I stuck to it. And I have never tried any other clay on my hair since this works just fine, infact I don’t intend to at least for now.

Why You Should Try Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul or ghassoul clay is a natural mineral mined in the atlas mountains since the eighth century. It is formed by natural geothermal process and volcanic activity.

  1. Rhassoul clay is gentle and moisturising.
  2. It contains silica, magnesium, and potassium which are essential to strong and healthy hair, skin and nails.
  3. It helps in detoxifying, clarifies and it cleanses through adsorption.
  4. It helps in improving the texture of hair and skin. I have 4c afro kinky hair with very tight curl pattern, and my hair basically becomes wavy anytime I use this clay.

How I Use Rhassoul Clay

I use rhassoul clay  in place of shampoo, however I mix it in such a way that it is very thick and it feels more like a mask that I can leave in for some minutes before washing it off.image

I don’t have a particular measurement, I just make sure I use more clay than warm water depending on how thick I want it to be. Also I like adding extra virgin olive oil or any other oil for additional moisture, since I leave it in for about 30 minutes, When I feel the clay getting dry  and I’m not ready to wash, I just spray it with water and massage. Parting my hair into two always works best it allows me to easily distribute the clay all over my head/scalp/hair. I mix in a glass bowl with a wooden spoon.

The washing or rinsing out is really messy but worth it, After rinsing with warm water, I use a conditioner to get any excess clay out and my scalp and hair feels absolutely clean, very soft and moisturised. After rinsing out, style your hair usual and don’t forget to lock and seal in the moisture with natural oil and cream respectively.

I get my clay on ebay (just search for rhassoul clay and different option pops out)  and in bulk- 3 bags of 500 grams sack and it comes in small chips that will dissolve and swell up when warm water is added. This is one of the few things I can recommend, if you are looking for an alternative to shampoo, it is so good!.

Thank you so much for reading, and please let me know your thoughts on using Rhassoul clay or any other clay by commenting down below. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share what you like.




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