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Hydrosol Floral Water + Pumpkin Seed Oil = Soft & Plump Skin

Like my hair, my skin is also dry and the only way to manage it is through hydration and moisturisation and yes! I know the best way to achieve that is drinking a reasonable amount of water and having a good diet(still working on that), however tropical application of creams and lotions is also important to me.

Hydrating and moisturising are often mixed up when it comes to skin care or even hair care but simply put, to hydrate basically means to apply liquid to the surface of the skin, it’s like giving your skin water/hydrosols/floral water to drink and this makes it plump and fresh, for the water to be locked into the skin and not lost, you need to moisturise with oils/butters/creams and this creates a layer over the skin that locks in the liquid,protects, softens, smooths the skin. So understanding this, and knowing fully well that liquid and oils don’t mix, I came up with this really simple recipe of oil, hydrosol and floral water.

Bits About Hydrosols And Floral Water.

According to http://www.quinessence.com, hydrosol is the condensed water that is left behind after the process of extracting essential oil or oils by water or steam distillation. It contains the essence of everything that was contained within the plant when it was still alive and growing.

When essential oils are extracted by steam distillation, some of the healing properties contained in the plant are lost, however they are absorbed by the steam used for the extraction, The steam then condenses back into water. The water is what is known as hydrosol or floral water but because essential oil is not only extracted from flowers, hydrosols is a more accepted name with active ingredients lost during the production of essential oil with therapeutic and cosmetic benefit.


The Recipe

Frankincense Hydrosol Water(50ml)– This comes from the distillation of frankincense resins. It is useful for all skin type. A great skin refresher especially for dry mature skin. Promotes skin elasticity and skin regeneration.

Rose Floral Water(15ml)– This comes from the distillation of rose flowers. It is also useful for all skin types and even hair. It tones and heals because of the anti-inflammatory properties.

Frankincense hydrosol water and rose floral water both helps in toning, healing and protecting the skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil(25ml)– I recently read an article on pumpkin seed oil at http://www.harperbazaar.com, although the article is not new on the site ( I think…) anyway according to the article, pumpkin seed oil is rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as anti oxidants. It helps in retaining skin moisture, fighting free radicals and maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin and I love the fact that it smells so rustic.

The high amount of zinc and vitamin e also helps in toning and healing the skin, fights acne and renews skin while the minerals and vitamins have an anti aging effects on the skin. This oil is chocked full of amazing vitamins and anti-oxidants that will not only benefit the skin but also healthy hair growth.

Glycerine(5ml) This is a humicant that helps the skin in attracting moisture to itself.

Vitamin E(5ml)– I used this for its healing and also moisturisng properties and it’s acting as a natural preservative.


Spray Bottle

Mixing Spoon


Add the hydrosol water in your bottle using your funnel to avoid waste. Measure your glycerine and pour into the water,  then add the vitamin e and oil of choice.


Oh and thats my son's finger, he could not resist the floating Oil

Oh and that’s my son’s finger, he could not resist the floating Oil

How To Use

Because water and oil don’t mix, you will have to shake everytime you want to use, then just spray on the surface of the skin and pat dry. Your skin will drink up the liquid and the oil will lock it in at the same time. The skin is left feeling so soft and fresh. I make it in small batches of 100ml bottle because of no preservative and the presence of water. I use this on my face and body, day and/or night. And I use a natural butter on top of it during the winter months for extra moisture.

Thank you so much for reading, please leave a comment down below to let me know your  thoughts and don’t forget to like what you like, subscribe and share what you like.



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