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Organic Whipped Shea Baby Butter

It’s one of those nights when my mind is just clogged and I can’t go to sleep. So instead of tossing and turning I decided to go downstairs gather up my ingredients, lock the kitchen door (to block off the noise incase you were wondering)  and make my son’s body butter. I use it as a body and hair moisturizer for him and it works just fine. I use it for rashes, dry skin, and even flu cream with added eucalyptus essential oil. It is a moisturising and healing butter.

And No Shea Butter Is Not Over Rated – 

Basically, body butters rejuvenate, moisturises and protects the skin. It has no water unlike emulsified creams and lotions. It provides a protective layer on the surface of the skin to prevent water/moisture loss hence it’s better used on a damp skin, using natural butters like Shea, mango, cocoa, tacuma etc that has a lot of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3,6,9 fatty acids benefits the skin.

African Shea butter is obtained from the Shea tree nuts that grows wild in Africa. According to the American Shea institute study, Shea butter has the ability to relieve symptoms in people suffering from skin blemishes like dermatitis and eczema. It is not only rejuvenating but discourages skin inflammation and that’s why it’s the go to butter for my son’s sensitive skin. furthermore, it can help in smoothing skin wrinkles, fine lines, soothes burns and insect bites. However a little goes a long way when using it on the face.

This is how a good organic Shea buuter looks like. Smells nutty but not horrible at all.

This is how a good organic Shea butter looks like.
Smells nutty but not horrible at all.

It is an amazing butter that will soften your skin and hair when used over a period of time. Also can be used alone which by the way I do or mixed and blended with other similar butters/oils to soften the texture.

The Recipe

Organic Shea Butter 200g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With Dried Lavender Herbs 30g

Vitamin E Oil 5g

Glycerine 5g

Eucalyptus Essential Oil. (This is optional, but very effective for cold and flu rub.)

Glass Jar

Electric Hand whisk

Mixing Glass Bowl

I don’t like melting my Shea butter just because I prefer the texture and the feel of the whipped cream when the Shea butter has not been melted. If my recipe has harder butter like cocoa, I melt it, then allow the heat from the cocoa butter to melt the Shea.


Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. And just whisk. However, I suggest you set the electric whisk at a low-speed. This prevents the oil from splashing all over as you are trying to breakdown the butter, it could be a bit tricky but believe me it is worth it, the cream is a lot more fluffy!.

When the whipped cream has reached the desired consistency, scoop in your jar. And use on damp skin and hair for best results.

Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to comment down below and share.

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