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Favourites + Effective Natural Plant Oils For Hair And Skin

Carrier Oils/Base Oils are natural plant/fruits oils, pressed from the leaves or seed of such plant. Usually, plant oils do not have any strong concentrated aroma unlike essential oil, however some type of oils like neem oil, marula oil, olives etc, have distinctive smell, also carrier oils are not prone to evaporation because they are less volatile unlike essential oil. The best plant oil is unrefined, cold pressed, and organic.That been said I don’t always buy the organic oils, as long as its pure and unrefined, I’m good.

Carrier oils are important for health and beauty. They not only help the skin absorb essential oils better, they moisturise and protect the skin from damage caused by external environmental factors. Using natural oil is a really fast way to get antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins on your skin tropically and I’m obsessed with them it’s not even funny, I’m always mixing/blending with essential oils to use for my skin, hair and face. These oils are just a few new ones I’ve just started using and not so new ones as well. Hope you enjoy reading!.

Hibiscus Oil

This is one of the new oils I recently started using for my hair and it is beyond amazing!. I use it as a leave in or mix it with my conditioner for deep conditioning treatment.

It’s often called the Botox plant. It is a natural source of  alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which helps to  gently exfoliate the skin and speed up skin cell renewal, controls acne and breakouts, encourages fresher, younger looking skin.

It has something called ‘mucilage‘ in high content ( mucilage is produced by all plants, it is a thick gummy substance that helps water and food retention, seed germination and membrane thickening, a good example of plant with high mucilage is flaxseed).  Mucilage is a good hair moisturiser and amazing detangler for hair. I love what it does for my hair. I mix it with my hair conditioner and I leave it in just a bit longer before rinsing off. It can be used to treat dandruff, helps in combating hair loss issues in both men and women.


It also has anthocyanosides which is an anti-oxidants that protects the skin from free radical damage. It helps refine pores because of its astringent properties. Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be rescued with the use hibiscus oil.

Broccoli Seed Oil 

One of the things I like about this oil is the colour, its light yellow/mellow gold, also a new oil in my cabinet. Broccoli seed oil has anti oxidants properties and essential fatty acids that helps with hydrating and moisturising the skin. It forms a protective layer over the skin hindering water loss.

It protects the skin from UV rays and environmental pollution. This amazing oil is also a source of  retinol that helps to increase skin cell turn over and slough off dry dead cells. Also a source of vitamin C , that helps to nourish and gives skin a glow.


This oil is not  my favourite for face just because the of consistency, that been said, it is a miracle for my hair and skin. Basically it by far one of the most effective oil I’ve ever used. I mix it with my body butter or I just rub it on my skin after a warm bath.

Neem Oil 

This is a dark, thick and greenish oil that smells like a potent herb but it works!. It is a tested and trusted oil, from its bark, to leaves and oil, This plant oil does wonders for hair and skin. It is often used with other light oils to blend/mix because of its thickness. I have used this oil for more than 3 years now and it is one of the most effective in treating any scalp issues that I know.

Neem oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine/remedies for thousands of years. It is anti bacteria, anti parasitic, anti fungal, anti inflammatory. And it smells really potent!.


It promotes hair growth because of the high level of anti oxidants which apparently is more than blue berries or spinach/green leafy vegetable. It protects the scalp from dandruff, itchiness hence its hair growth benefit. It helps in treating ringworm because of its anti fungal properties (ringworm is a fungal infection), also helps with eczema/itchy skin. The bark and leaves can be boiled or socked in water and use as hair rinse.

Quick Growth Oil Recipe With Neem Oil

Neem Oil 20ml

Hemp Seed Oil 15ml

Safflower Oil 10ml

Rosemary Essential Oil 6 to 12 drops

Marula Oil

Harvested from the nuts inside the sweet marula fruit, this oil is chocked full of omega and essential fatty acids, vitamins E and C that works together and helps to repair any skin damage.


A naturally soothing oil, fast absorbing, hydrating oil for all skin types and hair. One of my favourite thing about this oil aside its non tacky ability is the smell, oh my lord! I love the it, it smells so pure and rustic.

It helps in balancing moisture level so it’s a good choice to mix with face cream or body lotion, it softens and rejuvenate the skin as well.

Hempseed Oil 

Extracted from the seeds of hempseed plant. It helps prevents water loss which makes it a very good moisturizer, it easily absorbs into hair, skin and even face. This is also one of my old faithful oils. I love it unrefined and pure.


Promotes hair growth because of its omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids content. It is a source of protein for hair and skin health and also it will not clog your pores so it makes a good oil to try as a facial oil. HAVE YOU USED ANY OF THESE OILS?, let me know and thank you!.


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