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Rhassoul Rose Cleansing Facial Mask

I purchased a book  on amazon kindle by Carla Oates ‘feeding your skin’, and according to the book, it is believed that the first mask was invented by slave girls in Egypt who were washing their clothes at the Nile’s edge. They realised that their feet became soft and pappy after immersion in the mud, and so decided to apply it on their face and hands. since then , masks have evolved to include a plethora of ingredients that draws out dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin.

I use either a clay/mud mask OR  dried fruit powder and honey or hydrosol/distilled water once a week OR every other week. My skin is dry to combination and kinda of sensitive….yeah I know. Anyway, I love how clean and smooth it makes my skin feels and apparently products tend to work better after a deep cleanse your face/skin gets from using a mask.

This blend combines rhassoul clay known for its rich and naturally occurring minerals and improves the texture of the skin whilst it cleanses, honey powder with its natural anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I actually cleanse my face with honey, it is amazing for every skin issues from dryness to acne to hyperpigmentation.

I added pineapple powder. pineapple powder has a fruit enzyme called bromelain which is known for removing dead skin cells from the skin. Rose powder, apricot powder also known for rejuvenating and brightening  properties .

The best way to apply a mask is on a clean skin, In fact you can give yourself a mini face steam by placing a warm soft cloth on your face for a few minutes, then apply the mask on your face avoiding the eye area with clean fingers or a brush. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes to pull out all the grime and dirt from your skin whilst nourishing it. use a warm face cloth to clean and splash your face with cool water to close up your pores or you can settle for a good toner, try to avoid toners with alcohol. It messes up my skin so I stay away!. Then follow with either a serum or facial oil and apply a moisturizer to seal all the goodness in.


Honey Powder 1tablespoon

Apricot Powder 1tablespoon

Rhassoul clay 2tablespoon

Rose powder 2tablespoon

Essential Oils (optional)

Rose Water/ Water/ Any Liquid Of Choice

Pineapple Powder 2tablespoon

Application Brush/Clean Hands

Mixing Bowl


Gather all your ingredients and please note that you don’t have to use this plethora of stuff, In fact I use either a mud( rhassoul clay/dead sea mud) or Fruit powders and honey, however I tried this particular blend and I loved how it made my skin feel so I use it once in a while now.


Mix all the dry ingredients in a clean glass bowl, add your liquid which could be water, honey, or hydrosol and I like to add a natural oil just because my skin is dry and I like to think the oil gives it a good balance.

Mix together, making sure all the ingredients are well blended, then apply with clean hands or a brush, I got mine on eBay so you can check there if you’re looking to buy, its cheap and really good.


Apply to face avoiding eye area.

Apply to face avoiding eye area.

Although I use this on my skin which is dry, I think this will be good for all skin types, it’s all natural and you can always pick or choose what might upset your skin. That’s what I love about it,  you can customise to suit your skin by adding what you like or not using what feels wrong for you. I’m adding goat milk to my next batch because I’ve read great things and benefit it has on skin.

My face after the mask, no tight feeling just smooth and clean.

My face after the mask, no tight feeling just smooth, clean and bright.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know your thoughts about masks by commenting down below and let me know the ones you’ve tried. please don’t forget to like,subscribe and share.



  1. Omanise says

    Hi Tope,it’s always great reading your posts.I’m always impressed with your knowledge of natural products.I have a 600gr bag of genuine dead sea black mud in my bathroom i have never used.is it good?


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