Long Necklaces

I have collected some pendants and brooches(vintage and new) over the years and recently I’ve been thinking of ways to put them to use. Then I watched some YouTube videos on ‘how to use metal hole punch pliers’ and that gave me the perfect solution to my brooches and pendants issues.   This was a … Continue reading Long Necklaces




Jewellery making is something I love to do so much, in fact I have been  able to earn a living doing this before relocating to the UK, but because of school, all my outside interests had to stay in the background for a while which was not a bad thing at all because I was able to focus and graduated with a 2:1! (yesss!! proud, very proud). After that  came marriage then comes baby so its been a little bit of a whirlwind for me. However I have recently picked up my pliers and I have to say I am  loving it!. The feeling I get when I finish a piece no matter how simple it is, is simply amazing and I love the  buzz I get when I see beads or gems. I know it is just beads but this is coming from a place of real obsession and I am sure people of like minds will totally get it.
 Since I’ve started making jewellery again i have been unable to stop myself, I keep getting ideas and writing things down and doing sketches (By sketches i mean a toddler’s scribbles basically) because since having my son I could swear a part of my brain went out of the window hence writing it all down. Anyway its been good to pick up some new techniques on finishing to have a more professional looking jewellery because at the end of the day the aim is to sell and make money.
One good thing I have also discovered is polyvore, it is such a brilliant application  that allows you to search for clothes, shoes, bags,and a whole lot of fashion items and you can shop the items if you want and the most interesting thing is it also allows you to style whatever you want and you can clip items from around the web and post to all social media.
Statement necklaces can be a tricky thing to style because you don’t want to over do it, so just like makeup (light eyes with heavy lips or heavy lips with light lips or heavy both ways or light both ways) you have to make every other thing a little bit simpler when wearing a statement necklace I.e. A stud earrings to go with a big bold Necklace. But who am i to say follow some little silly rules, if wearing it heavy both ways (statement necklace with a  statement earrings) is what makes you happy then do you boo! you can even throw in a cocktail ring while at it, as long as you are happy and comfortable that’s what matters.
All the Jewellery has been handmade by me, they are statement pieces and so eye-catching.
So feast your eyes!.


Femme fatale
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